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A duo integrated by Guillermo Almo, and JuanLu Montoro, 1LL0~ is a project that started from a shared interest about composition, improvisation and electroacustic music. They combine drums/percussion and live electronics in their live concerts.


Screenshot 2021-01-24 at 23.36.36.png

Audiovisual media


Online interactive concert with original visuals and music (TouchDesigner and SuperCollider) controlled by the audience via their smartphones.

The whole concert was premiered in the plataform of Krea - Alt_Space


January 2022.


Live music (percussion and electroacustic) composed as an accompaniment to the projection of a mixed, realtime, audioreactive synthesis between Absolute Cinema films from the 1920's and current images.

June 2021.


Live drums, reactive electronics to prerecorded audiovisual painting process.

May 2019.


Processed percussion and electronics.

December, 2020.


Processed drums improv.

April, 2020.

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Photo by Alex Schroder




Photo by Alex Schroder


1LL0~ is the live concert proposal they have been working on lately. This proposal combines the collaborative pieces they developed the last years, with new pieces thought exclusively for this duo project.

Last performances were related to the project PARARSE (45min drums, visuals and electronics), dealing with visuals based on cinema pure (1920's films) reinterpreted as a critic to sobre-estimulation society and accelerationism.

They have collaborated with MaF (Málaga de Festival), SOS (Sound of Silence Festival), and Krea.


They met in The Netherlands where they collaborated in a project with Peter Ablinger (Black Series) and Richard Barrett (electoracustic improvisations). After first meetings they started a long term relation working in common projects or supporting each others in individuals one.

The first piece composed was presented at Studio Loos (The Hague, 2014) based on electronic processes reacting to drums (through contact mics). Then some pieces as “Miles Aways” or “Autoengaño Nº1” came from individuals projects but with a strong influence from both of them.



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Guillermo Martín-Viana (1995) is a Spanish drummer and visual artist based in The Hague (NL). Highly versatile, his musical career has taken him through stages around the world (South Korea, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Belgium), playing styles such us Hard Bop, Cumbia, Electroacustic Music, Jazz, Klezmer, Free, Ska or Thrash Metal.


His music is filled with a love for the instrument, an instant ability for sonic and spatial composition, and a deep and joyful groove. He is currently an online teacher at Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory.

Besides his musical achievements, Guillermo is also an active painter, graphic designer and multimedia artist. He is known from combining his music career with his visual art projects, creating performances that show both sides of him.


Guille Almo

Photo by Alex Schroder


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JuanLu Montoro

JuanLu is currently experimenting with the boundaries between traditional instruments , performance techniques and technology. His work is frequently based on extended instruments (adding embodied sensors to traditional instruments) and analysis of electronic processes, which he uses as material for structuring his compositional ideas.


In 2014, after concluding his bachelor studies at the Conservatory of Málaga, he moved to The Netherlands to study Sonology and Master in Composition in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Nowadays, he is teaching at Conservatorio Martín Tenllado.


He has has collaborated with ensembles such as the Neue Ensemble , QME,  Ensemble Klang, Trio Zukan…and in events which include the HF (Amsterdam), Gaudeamus (Utrecht),  Mixtur (Barcelona), Fundación Juan March (Madrid), Música en Segura (Jaén), or Kilkenny Music Festival (Ireland).


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